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The smartest order app

Mobile menu made for ambitious restaurant owners. Generate maximum turnover with minimum costs. Without compromising on the traditional customer experience.
Rated 4.9/5 - from more than 40 reviews
These and hundreds of other companies rely on Smartendr every day:
For whom?

Den Turk

"The opportunity to respond to the preferences of my customers is of enormous interest to an entrepreneur. Even for a brown pub like this one."

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Coffee shop


"Currently we are running about 75% of our sales through Smartendr, which does take some pressure off the staff."

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Hotel Indigo

"For us as a hotel, experience is gigantically important. Smartendr helps our guests to order something at their leisure."

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Quick Service


"Smartendr is a great help at peak times. It provides a lot less stress & more efficiency."

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Here you can also go for a view-only menu, for example, which makes it possible to use all the options of a digital menu. Ordering and payment are then still personal.

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Order at the table

Increase expenses by 20-40% while creating efficiencies and capturing valuable data.

Pickup at the bar

Allows customers to order and receive an SMS when their order is ready.

View-only menu

Avoid printing a new menu each time & is much more hygienic for your customers.


Add an extra sales channel where people can order. This is without any commissions.

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