Maximize turnover with a smart menu

Smartendr is more than just a digital menu. It’s a digital waiter that makes suggestions and listens to customers’ preferences.

Allergens and preferences

Thanks to their Smartendr account, Smartendr knows your customers and remembers their preferences. In your own customer profile you can set up filters regarding allergens and others. The menu adapts automatically. Moreover, the customer receives an overview of both the popular choices and the dishes that match his taste profile.


In the spotlight

Lunch of the day? Aperitif Maison? Last steaks that need to be sold urgently? Put items in the spotlight if necessary.


Cross selling

Cross selling

Also known as checkout deals. In order to get more out of each order, Smartendr automatically makes suggestions related to your customer's choice. Is the customer ordering a bottle of red wine? Then, for example, a bottle of water can be offered. Or a piece of cake with coffee.



Smartendr looks at the order and suggests alternatives that are more profitable for you as a business owner and boost the customer experience. For example, the customer orders cheese cubes with the appetizer. Smartendr suggests the extended aperitif dish that includes more than just cheese cubes. One push of the button by the customer and the appetizers are swapped in the shopping cart.

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